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Become a parent
Let you be a reason for the unprivileged children to build their career. Our website also provides you the profiles of the children who, are in real need and are waiting for the support to fulfill their dreams. You can become a parent by choosing any of the children and give them a wonderful future. Abhyudaya provides transparency between you and the child to improve your relationship and the impact of your support in their life. Your support to the children not only gives you the self satisfaction but also tends our organization to do more of what it does effectively and efficiently.

Name : Vanaja
Age : 13 Years
Class : 7th
School : Government school, Suravaram.
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Name : Manasa
Age : 11 Years
Class : 6th
School : Government school, Suravaram.
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Name : Raja sekhar Dandugula
Age : 14 Years
Class : 7th
School : Geetangali Public School, Thimadam.
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Name : K Sai Priyanka
Age : 16 Years
Class : 10th
School : Srujana High School, Visakhapatnam.
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Any one can become a biological parent but not everyone can become a "God parent". Be the one which everyone cannot.
Want to "become a parent"?

Let your smallest finger be the strongest support for the innocent children...