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Why & How
India is a home of 19% of the world’s population in children, but despite being a dominion in having youngsters we lack in having these young minds at respectful positions. We still struggle in search for the youth who has ability to change the fate of the nation. So we are here to bring a change the nation needs.
Despite of having thousands of organizations which serves almost similar purpose, we as ABHYUDAYA have set of thoughts which help in building the nation with quality. The thought of service strikes our mind when we come across some of the unacceptable situations in the society during our career. We observe the root cause for these situations as lack of sufficient knowledge to the people at their childhood. So we have decided to concentrate on children who have no scope to study, who are waiting for some help. All these thoughts made this organization to stand here today.
The question is quiet simple but bagging up all the approaches and possibilities to establish this organization is a resilient job. ABHYUDAYA was born in the land of NIT Rourkela, a home where many lives were enlightened. As one of the great sayings "To achieve anything one needs to accept pain", with this motto ABHYUDAYA started reaching people. ABHYUDAYA’s aim is not only to make the organization financially stable but to raise people, to make them understand the importance and to stand and support us. We expressed organization’s thoughts clearly and welcomed suggestions whenever and wherever possible. One should accept this phrase: If there is no WE, there is no I, that’s made ABHYUDAYA to reach people for support.

A soul generated by love and a heart full of grace makes you serve the best...