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K Sai Priyanka
Age         : 16 Years
Class       : Intermediate 1st year
Mother    : Rama Devi
Address   : LIG-2/75, 3rd Bus Stop, Near Ramalayam temple side, Pothina Mallayya Palem, Visakhapatnam - 533041.(A.P).
Family Background:
Sai Priyanka is the only child to their parents. At the early age her father left them because a girl child (Sai Priyanka) was born. At present they are staying at PM Palem, Visakhapatnam. Her mother is working as a private agent whose salary is based on commission in LIC. She is being able to manage only for their living, besides she has a deep desire to educate her children and approached ABHYUDAYA for help.
A thorough interaction with her and their neighbor's show that Sai Priyanka is a bright student and very active. She is a Kuchipudi dancer as well and performed some stage shows. A desire from her mother to educate and a commitment from Sai Priyanka towards learning laid our attention and made her to accept as ABHYUDAYA Child.