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Lives In & As Abhyudaya
Satya Naveen

The most satisfied person for the responsibilities he holds at every part of his life. He is blessed with never ending zeal and always exposes himself to reality. A perfect arguer with facts and a battle fighter. He loves to take challenges on his shoulders, especially others. He has a deep craving love towards adventure and the same crave made us to loose him physically, but not in our hearts. The love of purity he had in his life made him to stand as unique person out of all. For us ABHYUDAYA is Naveen, not more than anything else. We want to spread his beauty on the face of children and make him immortal.

Sandeep Vara Sankar
Post graduated from NIT Rourkela.

"Money should not be the reason for One's fate". The organisation took its life from this ideology. Every person craves for the satisfaction but the path they choose to achieve differs. My choice of ultimate satisfaction is to be a smile of achievement for the innocent children, which leads to the existence of ABHYUDAYA. Our aim is to provide a path of quality life and values to the children, from where they can sparkle and become the change-makers. ABHYUDAYA is a home where we learn how to live in the hearts of others. We became children and enjoying our childhood again in their love.


Post graduated from NIT Rourkela.

In my view, this is a place where the foundations of our Nation takes its shape. Even though Our Government is taking initiative in providing free and compulsory education there are so many loop holes that hinders all the children to be benefitted. There is no panacea for this except the change in our society. Our ABHYUDAYA prepares the stage for the people who want to be the game changers in the lives of those innocent children who are vulnerable to the prevailing poor conditions. By providing value based education to them we are planting a sapling that has the potential to fetch fruits to our society in the future.

Seshu Suravaram
Post graduated from NIT Rourkela.

I always wanted to be a part of Nation Building and i believe that it's my calling. When Sandeep came up with the thought of Abhyudaya i realized that this was the opportunity for which i am waiting for. Now i feel proud to be a part of this great Organization. There are lot of challenges ahead, let us join hands for a better Society.

Jayaram Reddy
Graduated from Pydah College of Engineering.

From childhood onwards I am seeing so many children working in fields, lorry cleaning, hotel serving and constructions. At that time I don’t know why. After grown up I came to know they’re fighting to survive. Nowadays many crimes are being done by illiterates and by literates with values less education. When I am looking about a platform where I can be a part of change to be made, Sandeep thought about Abhyudaya given me a good chance. So we both think about its foundation in B.Tech. Later when he discussed with his friends in NIT Rourkela we along with another friends started Abhyudaya. I am feeling happy to be a part of Abhyudaya.

P Naga Sivaganga
Graduated from Pydah College of Engineering.

Whenever we look at some poor children on road sides or in our daily life, the thing comes to our mind is to help them and change this nation. But we never take any initiation. Even I do feel the same when I look at them, but I got a good opportunity to take initiation through our ABHYUDAYA. The satisfaction that comes from our luxurious life is for a while, but the satisfaction that comes when we give our helpful hand to someone is life time. No need to sacrifice our life to help them, Its just enough if you become a reason of smile for atleast one poor child.

We look for a nation where, people live with relations rather than money...