Thutta Kumar
Age         : 13 Years
Class       : 8th
Mother    : Appalakonda
Address   : Kothapalli, East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh.
Family Background:
Kumar is the only child to his parents. At early age Kumar’s father left them and married another woman. From then their life is filled with hurdles at every step. At present they are living in his grand parent’s house. There is no source of income for them and totally relied on his grand parent’s family. Even getting a single meal is a challenge for them but his mother’s extreme desire to educate kumar made her to join him in a convent. The only word she said as reason is: “My son should not be affected because of my fate”.
Mother's words:
When a tree is losing its life due to lack of water and suddenly if someone pours water on it, then how much happy she feels! The same happiness I had when you come to me and said we will educate Kumar. You became a hope for us when we are left with nothing. I believe in you and will give my son to you, take my son to where ever you want and give him a life which I can’t. We are so blessed because of you. Thank you for your support and love towards us.
Kumar’s Words:
I feel it as god’s gift. I will surely make you proud for the belief you have on me. My dream is to become an Engineer, and will definitely achieve it with you. In future I’ll also work with you and pay my debt by helping needy children. I will start my service right now by teaching kids at free times and the very first person I will teach is my mother. Thank you for your belief on me.